What do we offer?

We offer an easier way for investment professionals and company executives to find, meet and build relationships with each other.
StreetIntro has been developed by experienced wall street analysts to solve the problems and inefficiencies they faced in executing corporate and investor access.
We believe that professionals can derive tremendous value from an actionable, event driven networking platform, something we believe incumbent service providers have overlooked.
We hope our users can benefit from our experiences that have enabled us to craft this solution.

Who should use our service?

Our service should be valuable to:

  • Investors – Never miss another 1x1 meeting opportunity, or a networking event with executives of companies, relevant to your investment thesis and portfolio, who are visiting your city.

  • Company Management – Getting access to the right investors and service providers should not be a daunting task and can make a big difference on the valuation, funding, and research coverage your company receives.

  • Service providers – Investment Banks and Investor Relations firms can now manage multiple roadshows through one platform to better serve their clients and grow their business.

Why are we different?

Our platform is different because we believe that investors, companies and service providers are all equally important in achieving the right investor-company fit. We are building an open platform where all participants benefit from migrating the investor access / corporate access function to an online channel.

We believe in facilitating greater transparency and choice for all participants in this process. We want to be inclusive to a wider community of users without being cost prohibitive. We aim to better capture our user’s preferences and feed it back into the system to establish a data driven approach to improving investor-company fit.