User Stories

Below are some stories that show how StreetIntro users get value from the platform. You may have similar needs. Click on the links and learn how you could take advantage of our easy to use system.

Role: Hedge Fund Analyst

Role: Chief Financial Officer at $1.5B market cap company

Role: Director at an investor relations (IR) firm

Role: Senior Technology Analyst on the sell side

Role: Portfolio Manager at a long only fund

Role: Hedge Fund Analyst

Need: Identify and undertake diligence on good investment opportunities.

Johnny is an analyst at any NYC long/short hedge fund. His job responsibilities include finding under valued companies that have a strong growth profile. Having 1x1 meetings with management teams of companies that fit such a profile is valuable to his analysis because it allows him to clarify issues or questions he has about the company. He regularly takes such meetings.

Why does he use StreetIntro?

  • He can be notified that management teams of companies that meet his investment criteria are visiting NYC and are available for meetings
  • Its a convenient way to book a meeting time with the company directly
  • A constructive 1x1 meeting adds value to his investment analysis process
  • He has easy access to company material to prepare for the meeting i.e. investor deck etc.
  • Helps him avoid cold calls from companies he is not interested in meeting

If you are a buy side executive and have similar needs, you need to be on StreetIntro.